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I' a single Malaysian woman, living and working in Singapore with my life revolving around: 1) work - financial planning (it's all about money) 2) friendship - all family members in Malaysia 3) relationship - still searching for my prince charming. I believe in 'blogging as a function of sharing' and 'knowledge as the key to power'. Anyway, let's embark on our learning journey together and conquer the world with our passion for knowledge. Have fun ;p

Friday, January 5, 2007

A New Beginning

Let me start my blog with my greatest gratitude to Madam WJ as without her in my life, it's gonna be so much more peaceful, rather boring to be exact or down right no worth living (not ;p). Ok... basically my best friend, WJ called me about 5 times today just to pester me about starting up my own blog. What can i say? She really wants what's best for me.... n to be honest, this blog is long pass overdue. I have always wanted to write something online as the big big world internet is really a pool of unlimited opportunities with zillions of people assessing it everyday (me, definitely can't live without internet). So why did I wait until now?

Lack of motivation, I'm not good enough yet, complacency, busy, excuses, excuses, etc...

Ok, enough of excuses. Today is a new beginning and I promise myself, I will not find excuses anymore for life is too short to be filled with excuses, regrets or the worst of all 'if only i had'...


cairo's mommy said...

madam.... i'm now a madam?! sob sob... anyway, "hoi jeong dai kat" to u :D

Cheryl Leong said...

Wah wah... finally u started your own blog with such an intereting title that suits you very well.

Hmm, a new beginning eh? :p use my tag line kah *LOL*