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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Let's talk About Love ;p

"Life is but a long road of loneliness where people comes n goes we are left with the feeling of emptiness as we continue our solitary path. Thus rejoice when someone comes along for he who comes will surely leave. Live for the moment n never regret on the choices we've made as life is too short to be filled with regrets or 'what ifs'."

Gosh... I can still vaguely remember my feelings when I first penned this down in my heart during my early breakups. I was sad definitely (I just got dumped), I was hopeful (that's why I'm looking forward to a better tomorrow with other people coming along) but most importantly (upon reflection) I was showing my contempt towards this Big Big thing called LOVE. The phrase above indicates how dispensable love can be in my life. It's not the most important thing. I have my families n friends to think about. I have responsibilities towards others that weight much more than me or my life.

Thus with the above phrase in mind, I went into one failed relationship after another, surviving n moving on with sweet n precious memories as my life souvenirs (this is the nice way to put it) or alternatively you may think of me as an officially old n battered veteran with too many scars n too tired to go through the same ordeal anymore. Why haven't I found that one true person yet? Is he ever going to show up? Am I being too choosy or fickle minded? Why doesn't he like me? Why is all those nonsense people pestering me? You know what? Until n up to the point that I find that One True Person, I will always have all kinds of questions unanswered. N when i do find that one true person, there's always a possibility of thinks not working out.

So I'm back to the phrase as above again. Hehehehe.... Utterly head aching but fun though... Ultimately, it's the process that matters n not the end result. As long as I have done my best or made the best choice available, I've got no regrets. But somewhere deep down inside... I will always believe in the ultimate fairytale where:
1) the guy n the gal met each other,
2) they just know they are meant for each other,
3) got married with parents approval,
4) have loads of children,
5) send them off to university to be the next lawyer, doctor, engineer, accountant, etc,
6) still have loads of money,
7) retire blissfully with them riding the horse towards the sunset,



Cheryl Leong said...

I love the happily ever after with lots of money *LOL*

I m looking forward to that kind of life ;)

Hope you will find it soon lar.....

cairo's mommy said...

oooh i love the post, darn touching n so YOU! GO GIRL!

Alex Lee Sin Pei said...

thanks pal....

i know i can always count on u girls... ('',)