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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Let's Talk About Money (",)

I remember a time when I was an ignorant and clueless fool about my own finances. I was a typical employee with a monthly paycheck, spends most of it before the month is out, always complaining that money is not enough and always struggling to save more for my future. Hahahaha. . . . Thus, I got myself landed into the industry (afterall, this is a very high paying career if you can perform) and surprisingly one of the first thing I learn is "financial planning is not hard at all". A bit on the long and tedious side but not hard. I have also come to realized that a basic understanding of anything by answering all the 'WH' question also applies to financial planning. I am a strong believer that if you are able to solve these questions for every problem or situation that you encounter, whatever decisions you make will be done without regrets and hopefully the outcome will also be of our desired result.

So what is Financial Planning?

Financial = MONEY
Planning = PROCESS

Simple enough, rite? Now, let's look at it in a slightly different perspective.

1) work = get $$$
2) life = spend $$$
3) balance $$$ = savings
4) savings in bank = $$$ in idle
5) savings into investment = $$$ in management
IMPORTANT: $$$ in idle can never out-perform $$$ in management

MOST IMPORTANT: cover ourselves with good backup plan i.e. insurance

So the next question is 'What is Investment'?
Well, investment is an instrument that make $$$ work for you and NOT you work to get $$$ (details to be available in later post)

And how do I connect this back to Financial Planning?
The emphasis now lies with the word 'PROCESS' where we:
a) assess situation and identify options
b) evaluate options
c) implement choice
d) review and revise the plan

Hmmm... this should cover most of what I do everyday at work where I help my client throughout the whole process as above with me absolutely loving the whole process. (",) It feels great to be able to make a difference to the people I know, to help them achieve their financial dreams n get paid for helping out.

So, care to join my industry n be my colleague? ;p


jazzmint said...

hey welcome on board ;)

cairo's mommy said...

i like dis post soooooo much better than d first one hahaha. keep up the good work :D

Cheryl Leong said...

Finally, a blog that gives us some fact. I prefer to read it here than you tell me in person :p Much interesting to read in a blog. Keep up the good work.